Hair care guide

Hair Maintenance



Here is a guide we recommend on how to maintain your natural hair and tips to prolong your hair extensions however, you may find other methods not mentioned here that will work best for you. Feel free to pick and adapt to tips and tricks that will benefit you for hair growth and longevity for your hair extensions.


Natural hair

Before installing any hair extension its best, you deep condition with a good quality hair conditioner a few days before your install.

If you suffer from dry scalp ensure your scalp is properly clean and lubricated with a light oil, depending on the keep time you decide to wear your extensions (we recommend no more than three months) periodically oil your scalp using nozzle applicator. You can combine your favorite oils like castor oil with lavender essential oil pour into the applicator and use when needed. 

If you wear a partial sew-in, please be mindful of your leave out. Whether your hair is relaxed or natural ensure your real hair exposed is hydrated and moisturized.

Try to use less heat to prevent heat damage if you find your natural hair is difficult to blend with your hair extensions, why not try a closure top piece this will cut time in half when styling your hair plus protects you from heat, environmental and neglect damage.

When removing your hair extensions be careful not to cut your own hair, its best to go a professional or someone you can trust to remove your hair extensions without cutting your hair or your extensions into small pieces.

Supporting your hair with vitamins and minerals is a must for the ultimate hair growth, hair loss prevention and strength. There is a range of hair supplements available please research before using.

Drink water our hair needs it.

Wear a silk/satin scarf or bonnet to cover your hair, cotton pillows can dry your hair out by absorbing the hairs natural oils and moisture. Silk pillows will stop hair breakage, prevent winkles and break outs.


After removing your hair extensions be sure to detangle your hair with a wide tooth comb before cleansing. Its best to use a clarifying shampoo for your first shampoo to remove any build up. Always use a hydrating deep conditioning hair mask, let that sit and soak on your hair or at least 30 minutes before rinsing with luck warm water.

You have the choice to re install your hair extensions, or give your hair a break from hair extensions. Use your judgment on what your hair is telling you.

Fine hair we recommend not to wear hair extension no longer than 5-6 weeks.

Normal to thick hair no more than 12 weeks.

Raw hair maintenance


Raw hair requires less maintenance if you follow instructions accordingly you will have hassle free hair.

Detangle with a wide tooth comb or paddle brush every other day, don’t be afraid to comb at the root of the track without loosening the thread on your install.

Shampoo once every two weeks depending on your lifestyle you may want to wash less or more. Use a good quality shampoo and condition following the instructions accordingly.

Never sleep with wet hair allow the hair to air dry before going to bed if you prefer to use heat make sure you use a heat protectant beforehand.

Tie your hair extensions up or a loose plait before going to bed not to forget to wear your satin head scarf or sleep on a silk pillow.

Use a small amount of hair serum when needed to add shine and help with fly away.

Most of all treat your hair with care.



We offer suggestions and will not be liable any damages due to following these recommendations please do your own research and apply at your own discretion.