T&C's of sale

Terms and conditions of sale


By purchasing from this website, you will be contracted to our terms and conditions. Please take your time to read through to get a better understanding of our policies and regulations that protect you the consumer relating to sales of goods acts 2015.


We will inspect each order before shipping, if by any means there are apparent defects or damages with your order upon delivery please contact us within 24 hours of receiving your goods to  crownperfectuk@gmail.com

We will instruct you further how to return your goods.


Hair treatments, colour variations and curl pattern

One hair donor per bundle, not one bundle will be the same. We will try to match curl patterns as close as possible however it is not guaranteed you will get an identical match. Please bear this mind before ordering.

Our virgin hair may not be uniformed in colour as one bundle will not be the same as the other.

Crown perfect will not be liable to alterations done by you if you wish to colour/bleach, perm, chemically treat your hair extensions.

All sale items are final no refunds are accepted on sale items.